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Allen Hildebrant (AllenH)

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Joined: 13 August 2006
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: North America > United States > Kansas > Shawnee
Bio: I am a 69 year old and a bicycle rider since 1988. I currently have 4 bikes, Rans Stratus, Bike Friday NWT, Specialized Rockhopper, and a Canondale R500. I have been touring since since 1996 when I rode the Katy trail for the first time currently have done it about 7 times. I do all my own bike maintenance and upgrades other than wheel building. I have toured using panniers and several different trailers. I have had some shorter tours (a couple of weeks at most) in Florida and Kansas. I have been married for 49 years to the same woman and have 3 grandchildren. live within a block of 2 of them and 5 miles of the third. I am known as Allen to most people and Baboo to family members, a name bestowed on me by my first grandchild.

Allen (AKA) Baboo

Contact: baboo at kc.rr dot com
Updated: 11 May 2012

Journals and articles:

No published journals or articles.

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