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Bicycle Touring Classifieds

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# Category  Summary Price  Status  Author  Created 
93  Companions  Hanoi to Saigon*   open  Steve Barsby 2014-10-22 
92  For Sale  Selling custom built touring bicycle in Istanbul or England* €400  open  Tamara Derkowski* 2014-10-22 
91  Companions  Anchorage, AK to Bellingham, WA*   open  Heidi Salisbury* 2014-10-21 
90  Companions  Richmond Worlds 2015 Tour*   open  Andrew Kent 2014-10-19 
89  Companions  Tour of SE Asia - Dec 2014 - March 2015*   open  Elliott Fougman 2014-10-17 
88  Companions  Companion for ride along the Pamir Highway*   open  matthew newton 2014-10-16 
87  Companions  San Diego and South down the Baja   open  Cory Connett* 2014-10-14 
86  Companions  Newfoundland & Labrador Summer '15   open  Keith LaBorde 2014-10-14 
85  For Sale  Thorn Sherpa 60cm LX Avid SRAM 26" Touring Excellent Reduced! $1299  open  George Satur 2014-06-03 
84  For Sale  Ortlieb Front and Back Roller Plus $200.00  open  Ed Devlin 2014-10-13 
83  For Sale  MARMOT LIMELIGHT 2 ORANGE TENT $169  open  isaac mizrahi 2014-09-02 
82  Free  Ride, slideshow, book reading of Great Divide Tricycle Tour   open  Scott Wayland 2014-10-11 
81  Companions  BC Tour 2015   open  Brian Sculac 2014-10-10 
80  For Sale  Trek 520 $ 600  open  Matt Baumgartner* 2014-10-08 
79  For Sale  Large Surly Trucker available in Rome Italy late Nov. $700  open  Cyrus Read* 2014-10-07 
78  For Sale  FOR SALE: ortlieib front roller panniers and Tubus low rider rack   open  Cherry Fitzsimmons 2014-10-06 
77  For Sale  External battery for Iphone $20  open  Jerry Witherspoon 2014-10-06 
76  Commercial  Wattwagon electric assist bicycle trailer. Great for Touring! $1095  open  Richard Wolf* 2014-10-05 
75  Companions  Three week tour of Thailand   open  Jerry Griswold 2014-10-01 
74  Companions  Great Divide Ride for Bikes not Bombs   open  Stephen Reynolds 2014-09-30 
73  Companions  Heading South from Antigua Guatemala   open  Jan Correlje 2014-09-30 
72  Wanted  58cm Surly Long Haul Trucker frameset.   open  Zac Ray* 2014-09-26 
71  For Sale  Ortlieb Sport Packer Plus front or rear panniers $120  open  Holly Wade 2014-09-23 
70  For Sale  Busch and Mueller USB E-Werk dynamo charger $120  open  Holly Wade 2014-09-23 
69  For Sale  Busch and Muller Lumotek IQ front dynamo light $65  open  Holly Wade 2014-09-23 

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